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War Thunder game, take a sneak peek !

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Decebalvs Rex    87

Dear gamers , perhaps some of you heard about War Thunder and for those who didn't and enjoy simulator games or even arcade battles wich feature intensive and eye catching war scenes while driving a tank or even a plane , then this is the right topic for you.

War Thunder offered me historical planes with cockpit view , american bombers and blitzkrieg tanks , bombing sessions and broken wings . It will be released for PS4 too !

For those interested in this game , graphics are cool , fighting mechanism is very well written and with a joystick you can unleash hell with your Mustang.



Now let's talk about tanks , wich are to be released soon by War Thunder team and feature interesting armored battles. I can't wait for it as World of Tanks dissapointed me.

What I expected from WoT : RGjvNUK.gif                halo-odst-o.gif

What I found :




I am not trying to shoot this game some publicity nor am I affiliated with them in any ways. I love to play this title and I invite people to relax in this beautiful game.



This is my plane right now : bf109s-inaction-2bsb8k.jpg

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Jeston    398

Thread moved.

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