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I'm now a nostalgia gamer MODs could we pin for community assistance?

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chrisj1968    1,416

Whoever brought tothese forums did a good job. Thanks. I just purchased Tombraiders 1+2+3 for $10 and I'm playing Tombraider 3 @ 1600x900 on my laptop.


Those were the days. My wife thinks I play just for laras boobies  :laugh: .. she might be right! at any rate, I'm playing Tombraider3 (T3 here out) but this takes me back to my days of playing T3 on my AMD K6/2 150mhz (if the speed is correct) and an Nvidia Geforce2 32mb ram card or somewhere around there if it was out then.


at any rate, are there any Nostalgia gamers out there? if so- what are you playing? The only issue is getting the settings turned down on Win8.1 to about 640x480, DPI settings off, keeping everything in the setup.exe "as is".


MODS- Could we pin this for purposes of sharing what we are playing but also to allow us to share settings for getting these older titles to run on our hardware?


if so- thank you. this would benefit the community so we all can research what works for the game we want to play to basically run, but we can change those settings in game.


Many thanks to the mods!  :)


ok settings to use to get the game to run, however you can adjust these when in game for better quality. leave these settings "as is"



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Lingwo    489

I got a few games on Gog.

Love to play some of the old classics i played a lot when i younger.

Like you, i have all the Tomb Raiders. Tomb Raider 2 for me stands out as one of the best games.

A few others i have that were classics for me as a kid.


Legacy of Kain series




Duke Nukem 3D


Outcast - i remember playing this at about 4fps.

Flight of the Amazon Queen

Little Big Adventure 1,2


Beneath a Steel Sky

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+FiB3R    1,660

Thought it was "Retro Gaming", or is T3 not old enough to fit into that catagory yet? :p

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Nick H.    7,988

Let's see if this gains any traction, first. If we pinned every thread that people wanted us to all of our forums would be displaying the latest thread on page 2 or 3. :laugh:

I got the older Tomb Raider titles on the PS3 recently for a bit of nostalgia. Sadly it's one of those decisions that I regret; some things should be left to the memory. Trying to work with those controls was a nightmare!

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Crisp    3,271

You missed the Humble deal a few weeks ago, all tomb raiders for like $6


Maybe it was a steam deal, I have too much crap on steam to even remember.

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Max Norris    2,071

Have a fair number of oldies on my system that I'll fire up from time to time when the mood hits.


A bunch of Sierra titles, including the Quest For Glory series, the Kings Quest series, the Gabriel Knight series, Phantasmagoria 1 and 2, etc.  Most of these are running in DOSBox.

Most of the LucasArts adventure games via ScummVM.

The Tex Murphy series via DOSBox.  (Yay, a new one is finally in the works, Tesla Effect.)

Atomic Bomberman, just because.

M.U.L.E. via an Atari 800 emulator, never gets old.

The entire Infocom collection, just because that's what I grew up with.

The Legacy of Kain series

The Kyrandia series

The complete Ultima series, mostly for all four parts of Ultima 7.

Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape, etc.

System Shock 1 and 2 -- this series sorely needs another game.

Septerra Core


A few of the Dynamix games -- Rise of the Dragon, Heart of China, etc.


I'm sure I'm missing a few.  And a big thumbs-up to GOG.

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