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Amazon wouldn't post my review about my BLOD. Maybe I will pick one up when it becomes available in Korea in December, but it seems like there aren't any real stand out games that I am missing out on. At this point the PS4 seems like something just to experiment with until the really good games start rolling out.


I forgot to mention the packing on mine too. The box was too big and the bubble wrap loosely placed in the box. My box had been taped up a second time so I guess the PS4 slid around against the top during transit until it finally just broke out of the box, and USPS put it back in and taped the box back up. That could of been the cause of my BLOD too.

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I hope the one I got is okay. I'm tempted to open it up and test it. I'm not one to open gifts before I give them but I'd hate for it to turn out bad on Christmas day :/

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I hope the one I got is okay. I'm tempted to open it up and test it. I'm not one to open gifts before I give them but I'd hate for it to turn out bad on Christmas day :/


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I remember when mine showed that..  Started at 6AM on the 15th... ended at 11PM on the 15th (when it did finally ship).  I checked the status every hour.  Yep.. was 3 days after launch before I actually got it.

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3 days, yay! Got my copy of AC4 from Currys for ?26. There was a ?20 off xboxone code that wasn't suppose to go public, looks like Currys honored most of the purchases with it as well.


At launch I'll have KZ, AC4, Resogun and all the other PS+/PS3 title ports (likes of Flower/Sound Shapes).



Assassin's Creed series has never been my thing.  I tried to give the AC-I and AC:II a whirl.... Could never get into the series...  

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Glad everyone is getting there consoles now. I feel bad, I got mine on launch day and I've barely touched it. Work has been absolutely ridiculous, and now that I'm actually home on Thanksgiving I have a ton of things to catch up on at the house. :laugh: Hoping to get to play a little later.

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Mines has been dispatched as well. Happy its coming by DPD. My 7200RPM 750GB drive was delivered today as well.

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