Got Multi Million Trophy on Gran Turismo 5

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Atomic Wanderer Chicken

I am rich, I have $12,000,000 on Gran Turismo 5 now, but I am going to keep saving until I get $20,000,000. I also got the Multi-Million Trophy. I made that much by racing on the Seasonal Events, which pays anywhere between $200,000-$500,000 for winning 1st place.  Then I also found a race that I could race over and over and keep winning $400,000. Which then led up to me getting $12,000,000.


I hope the IRS doesn't find out I have that money on Gran Turismo 5 :laugh:





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The Evil Overlord

Congrats :)



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If the IRS you have that kind of money they may make you pay for a good chunk of Obamacare, lol.


You have been warned.

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