ME WANT! (flying SR-71 model)

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I've seen models like these on YouTube. They are amazing.You can find almost any aircraft as an RC with actual jet engines.


Usually people who make and design these are actually working in the aviation either as pilots or engineers and this their hobby.

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HI Guys - first post here


I've done a bit of RC flying myself and I know how expensive this would be!!  If you are interested in SR71's but have a smaller budget - read on......



OK, you wont be able to fly it, but I have built a small number of SR71's in Lego. -  I will be ebaying them as kits in a box with instructions soon - so if you fancy one, keep an eye on this thread... - heres a few pics..


Any comments or advice welcome

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Jet powered RC planes are pretty boring. They fly to fast so you can't really fly them, you can barely see them most of the time. You take off, count seconds, do a 180 do a fly-by and count seconds before another 180 until the countdown on the remote control tell you it's about time to land before you run out of fuel.

I'd rather have just a model and a nice big slow flying plane you can actually enjoy even if it doesn't look as cool :)

Very expensive Hobby...

Actually RC is a fairly cheap hobby as hobbies go, provided you don't go for detailed scale models and crash them :)

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