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How does local multiplayer work on the Wii U?

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Elliot B.    1,132

I'm new to the modern Nintendo scene.

Let's assume I want a Wii U and a 4-player family game.

How would the four of us play the same time?

I don't like the idea of passing that gamepad with the screen around. That's taking it in turns, which isn't as fun.

Do any nunchucks (or whatever they're called) come in the box?

If nunchucks are what you need (like you needed for local multiplayer on the Wii), can Wii ones be used?

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Andrew    2,731

Most multiplayer modes in Wii U games have 1 player use the gamepad and 3 others use Wii remotes. They aren't included in either the basic or premium boxes, but original Wii remotes work with the Wii U.

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