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Opera Sync sort of back with Opera 19 Developer Update

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As many of you know that opera lost some of its bright features after switching its layout and javascript engine with Google Chrome based Blink (Webkit forked) and v8 engine. Now another feature is sort of back after long waiting time. Its Opera Sync, although it is experimental and also with Disclaimer / Warning.




How to enable and login system support:


Experimental synchronization support can be enabled in flags: . After enabling the flag, you can find Synchronize in the main menu. You can login with your social network of choice or your Opera Account.





BIG BADASS DATA LOSS WARNING: The servers operate under no guarantee of even attempting to function properly. Your data may be lost or corrupted or the servers madeinaccessible at any point in time. Keep a local backup! For your own (and our debugging) sake! PS: Do not try to enable sync on Opera 18 or older builds. It will not be pretty.


Get Developer stream builds and announcement blogpost information from:

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