Anyone else still use Coda 1.7.5?

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I have purchased 2.0 but I just can't stand the interface and I keel seeing so many poor reviews for bug in the App sore so i have stayed on 1.7.5.

What is up with these guys? They used to make GREAT quality products.

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Brian M.

I used to use loads of Panic software - but it's all gone downhill very quickly.


I switched to using Textmate 2. It's alpha (has been for years now) but works brilliantly. It might just be a text editor - but it's as stable as a rock, has the best syntax highlighting I've used (I was surprised when I opened a document and all of my // TODO comments were in bright yellow! :laugh:) - it also integrates with/controls any browser, svn, git, mysql, shell and even apache through keyboard commands.

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I'm a big Sublime user..



I've heard a lot of mac users like it? Windows man myself, but it might do what you need >.<

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I used Coda from v1, i purchased that and then Coda 2 shortly after... the all in one integration is very nice but the work flow of SublimeText is unmatched.


I now exclusively use Sublime Text with Transmit and workflow has improved 100%. (along with Dash for the books/code and CodeKit for pre-processors etc..)


If you want to really see the power of SL then buy a months pass to tuts plus and follow this course: (actually just clicked this link and it seems to be free?)


You can test SL for as long as you want for free.


The good thing for Panic is with Coda 2 being so bad they got more money out of me when i purchased Transmit.


If you don't want to spend anymore cash on this then check out Brackets, an open-source code editor from adobe that is now developed by a huge community...

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