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Windows 2008 R2 Server Migration to new Hardware

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Lowdown    3

I have a server that is in need of an upgrade and I am unsure how to migrate the server to new hardware (CPU, Motherboard and Memory). It would be easier to migrate/move the server instead of a new install because of some of the roles this server does.


Roles: DHCP Server, DNS Server, Active Directory Domain Services, File Services, Print and Document Services


The server runs two RAID 1 arrays (1 for system drive and 1 for data storage) using the onboard Intel ICH7R SATA RAID (Core 2 Era board). The data storage uses DFS to copy the information to two other buildings within our network to create another level of redundancy.


Question: What would be the easiest way to migrate/move this server to the new hardware without having to reinstall Windows 2008 R2? The new motherboard will be based on the Intel C204 chipset and will also use the onboard SATA RAID. This solution does not have to be done immediately but would need to fit in a days? time since that is all the downtime I can have.

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]SK[    109

Forget hardware migration.


Install fresh

Add to domain

Migrate printers - update GPO's or scripts to point to new printers for clients. 

Export/Import DHCP - de-authorise old server, authorise and activate the new one

Use DFS to replicate files to new server.

Promo to DC

Update DHCP to use DNS on new server

Disable DFS link and replication for old server

Demote from DC.

Turn it off.  Leave for a while. Once happy remove old server from the domain or use it for a secondary DC or something.


There shouldn't be any downtime (although you would need a reboot after DC promo) that I can see from above as long as major changes are down out of core hours.  You can also do a gradual migration when you have a new install rather than an all or nothing that you would get with an inplace upgrade.

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sc302    1,428

The easiest way to migrate would be to image it with a bare metal utility like acronis true image server with universal restore.

You could go the install fresh and move data over, which isn't too bad. You don't need to use dfs, there are plenty of copy utilities that would work, like robocopy for example. You will want to move over the fsmo roles before you demote the server.

There is lots of planning to do to bring new server online to replace an old one. Sk touched on most things.

Downtime depends on how much data. The best way without much downtime would be a migration to a new server, otherwise while imaging the users will not be able to use the server so that you have virgin data.

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