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Humble Jumbo Bundle

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firey    3,622

Natural Selection 2  80/85 Metascore

Sanctum 2 77/76 Metascore

Magicka + DLC 74/76 Metascore


BTA for:


Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack 83/79 Metascore

Garry's Mod NA Metascore

Serious Sam 3: BFE 72/83 Metascore


All of these are steam games.


Heard a lot of these were on sale with the Steam sale, don't own any and have wanted Magicka for a while.. Probably do my standard 5$.

Note * Magicka doesn't have ALL DLC just Dungeons and Daemons, and Vietnam.

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Andrew    2,731

Great bundle, too bad I own them all ready :laugh: I'm sure the rest of the Magicka DLC will be in week 2 BTA.

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