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Gamasutra Talks with Brad Wardell About the Stardock Staffing Company

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Island Dog    52

Gamasutra talks to Brad Wardell about the Stardock Staffing Company, and the idea behind it.  It?s a fantastic read on how Stardock is trying to change the practices of game project staffing, and making it better for everyone.

Here's an example of how it would work: Say a game studio is making an RPG, and the studio's team of artists is working on the game. As the game winds down and wraps up, the artists are left with nothing much to do.

Instead of laying off those artists, Stardock Staffing Company would find work for the artists within its coalition of studios. In SSC's case, the artists would still be based out of their "home" studio, so no jumping from city to city would be necessary. Likewise, if a studio is in need of talent, it can go through SSC to "lease" an individual who needs new work. The PEO takes care of the duties and regulations related to human resources that small startups don't have time to deal with


Source: Gamasutra

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