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Shiloh (Fla.) Commercial Spaceport updates

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DocM    12,777

Space Florida is a state agency gearing up to promote commercial spaceflight in Florida. Their proposed Shiloh launch complex will be at the North end of KSC.

They have been hoping to lure SpaceX away from building a spaceport in Brownsville, Texas, but that appears to be moving full steam ahead. With SpaceX also taking LC-39A one would think Blue Origin would be a likely candidate.

NASA will not oppose,


NASA will not prevent Space Florida from establishing a commercial spaceport at the center?s northern end if environmental studies and other support fall into place, Cabana told an audience of several hundred at the National Space Club Florida Committee?s monthly luncheon meeting.

?If it works out that that?s the right thing to do, we?ll make sure that the land is available for them to do that,? he said.

Asked if NASA was an advocate for the proposed Shiloh launch complex, Cabana said it was a state initiative.


NASA recently agreed to let Space Florida and the Federal Aviation Administration proceed with an environmental impact statement for the Shiloh site. This usually takes a year or more.


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