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netgear vs apple, vs asus routers training

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capr    36

I have played with the latest generation of each of these routers.i lots of features of options to configure... 


Question out of left field. Which of these manufacturer, offers training courses for my customer service representatives?


Free service they provide could easily lower call volume and they can save money there. 


thoughts? I know cisco has certifications but that's a different thing. 



Rashid Kaviani

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+BudMan    2,921

Your talking soho routers here? Have your people read the manual of these devices. Maybe put in 1 each at your location that they can use for testing/learning - a lab of sorts.

I have never seen any sort of formal training on such devices from apple or asus, netgear has which says they cover their consumer devices.. So maybe that helps?

apple has but seems more related to OS X or other applications, they have a tech course - but seems more related to repair.

A quick google for asus training found this

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Brian M.    773

Dunno about the others, but Apple doesn't have any training for Airport support. It's not even in the ACMT training!

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