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How Max made his way to Xbox One

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When Press Play got its 2.5D physics-based puzzle platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood up and running on an Xbox One dev kit for the first time, the Danish developer was jubilant.

In early September 2013 the Microsoft-owned, Copenhagen-based studio sent one of its specialist programmers to the headquarters of Unity, the maker of the game engine of the same name, to wave his magic wand. Work on the Xbox One port of the already-finished Xbox 360 version had just begun, but Press Play had yet to see Max moving on Microsoft's next-gen console.

Then, three days later, a screenshot was sent to the studio. It was mostly pink, but there was Max, and a beast, in the picture.

"We were screaming in the office," art director Lasse Outzen tells Eurogamer four months later. It's a cold but bright day in early December, and Brighton is glorious in the winter sunshine. A typical scene for this time of year, but the day takes on extra significance for Press Play. Producer Forest Swartout Large asks for the office wireless internet password. She wants to check her phone because today Press Play sent Max to Microsoft for certification. I can tell, the pair are buzzing.

They're buzzing now like they were buzzing four months ago, when Max, Unity and Xbox One finally learnt to talk to each other. "It was like, wow!" Outzen says, clapping. "It's running... somehow! It looked like I don't know what, and it had projections of lines going all over the place, but it was quite a moment."

If Max: The Curse of Brotherhood passes Microsoft's internal quality tests, it should launch early 2014 on Xbox One - ahead of the Xbox 360 version, despite that version being finished earlier this year. Its release will also be "quite a moment" for the little studio that found itself on the brink before Microsoft swooped in to extend its warm, comforting corporate embrace: it will have developed and shipped the first Unity-made game to release on Xbox One.


LOL at the last line in the article :laugh:


Well, you probably won't be making Max any time soon for PlayStation 4.

"Probably not! Play what station?"


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vcfan    2,337

LOL at the last line in the article :laugh:

:laugh: well played

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