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Roger H.

Not that I should since my wife will kill me but just wondering if there are any that does this. I've seen a few that says they can play MKV container formats but then someone showed updates where the option no longer worked. Older Samsungs those were. There are a few too that i see can do it from the USB port but i rather from the NAS/Network.

I have a LG TV (non-smart) and like it but wanted to go bigger. I don't really need "Smart TV" features per say because i have a WDTV Live box that plays everything currently. I just figured i'd combine them instead and enjoy a new TV all at the same time.

Basically i use the WDTV box for movies/tv shows from Netflix/Hulu Plus and streaming Music from Pandora/Spotify/Shoutcast stations but once in a while i play some MKVs too. If the TV could do all that by itself i could just simply move the box to the bedroom or something and enjoy the built in functions.

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D. S.

Most TVs don't play MKV files and the ones that do aren't very "open" about it. Can you set it up so your NAS can run software that transcodes the files and serves them over DLNA?

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My new Samsung 6670 Smart TV plays MKV just fine. I think they all do from Samsung.

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Mine doesn't play MKVs.. I think we're still a bit away from replacing a dedicated streaming box and plugging our tvs straight to lan without issues.

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Easy fix - change the extension from .mkv to .avi 


I have a Samsung Smart tellie and the mkv's didnt play for me, changed the extension to avi and they played, flawlessly. A simple fix but it works.


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Pretty sure my Samsung Smart TV Plays them, though I usually just use my raspberry pi instead of relying on Samsung All Share which is hit or miss.

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For me they dont play - I got a 40 inch LED smart tellie, e4000 or something like that. 
Using the Allshare program too. 

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Not the easiest method but it works pretty flawlessly for me.  


Run Universal Media Server on my PC

Using Skifta app on my iphone (there is something similar for android)

Through Skifta you choose 3 things

server (UMS)

playback (TV) in my case its a Panasonic VT50

file (you can choose any video file off of your NAS)

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Roger H.

Trying at avoid transcoding and just doing it straight from SAMBA. No DLNA stuff either. So I guess Samsung is the only option then. :)

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My new Samsung 6670 Smart TV plays MKV just fine. I think they all do from Samsung.


This! my Samsung TV plays every MKV file i have put at it, 

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Pretty sure my Samsung Smart TV Plays them, though I usually just use my raspberry pi instead of relying on Samsung All Share which is hit or miss.


Have a Smart TV also, recommend you look at Plex! works great.

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Easy fix - change the extension from .mkv to .avi 


I have a Samsung Smart tellie and the mkv's didnt play for me, changed the extension to avi and they played, flawlessly. A simple fix but it works.


Its not a extension fix.

Sometimes people dont know the difference between codec and container, but its OK :) Its easy to mistake.

You have gave a MKV video has is encoded with xvid or mpeg4, for example. Same as you can have a .avi the same way.

Lets say your TV only plays xvid (for example). If you make a avi video with mpeg4, that video will not play on the TV.

Sure, some TVs filter extensions but it all comes down to codecs.

I simply use WMP to stream to my TV. Works great.

But Ive done a quick search and yeah, it seems most Samsung can. I THINK my LG can too, not entirely sure since I now stream to my bluray player (bluray has 802.11n and tv only has 802.11g)

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+John Teacake

I have something similar an LG None Smart TV. What about Chromecast's Although files from local sources support is lacking Booooo! Or that Media Box thing called Roku or something they look good. 

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My LG plays .mkv just fine. I stream stuff from my NAS to my t.v. via DLNA everyday.

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