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hey... i installed WinXP pro CORP. on 2 of my networked computers, one of them connected to ADSL modem and sharing his connection with all network... in win2k i use SyGate that worked fine, with xp i tried using windows ICS... but i'm having connection problems with it, from the HOST computer all works file and good, but from the networked computers (i got another win2k too) i'm having problems entering some sites, and werid stuff that i can't list some spesific directory in ftp, when i connect the mail server it get messages list but won't download it, i figure out it's 100% ICS problem... so i wanna ask 2 qestions, one is:

can i somehow config ICS to work better ? anyone know anything about it ?

the second thing is, i wanna know if anyone know names of Routering programs ir Connection sharing that work on xp, coz seems like SyGate and Winroute won't work on it.

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