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Dual Booting Windows 7 on Pre-Installed Windows 8 Laptop

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Ben Dyson    4

Hi All,


Just after a bit of advice, my girlfriend has recently got a new laptop and unfortunately she doesn't like it, despite me loving Windows 8.1.

She would like to try Windows 8 but is going back to Uni soon so would like Windows 7 as a back-up dual booted.


I've shrunk the partition and created a simple partition for Windows 7 but really unsure about Installing Windows 7 on a Windows 8 Laptop, it's an ASUS X550CA-XX417H. I've checked power shell with SecureBootUEFI and result is True.


What would be the best way to dual boot?



Ben :)

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Jared-    575

Why not blow 8 away, and just load Win 7?


Sounds like you're over complicating it for no reason. After all, it is her laptop. 

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snaphat (Myles Landwehr)    414

What about this guide? I briefly looked at it and it seems okay.


Largest issue is that you don't want to clobber over your Windows 8 partitions.


EDIT: I'd tell you to roll a vhdx solution with native boots and not deal with dual partitions, but that's going be more headache and error prone than just doing the dual partition.

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