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Microsoft Access 2007 Database opens read-only, shouldn't.

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I'm currently at home as it's nearly 10pm at night, and the database I need help with is at work, so I can't try anything right now, but I'm hoping people can offer suggestions that I'll then try at work tomorrow.


I work in a small office with about ten PCs, that are all networked. My computer is the "server" but it's basically just a regular PC, albeit the best in the office. File sharing is enabled.


So there is a Microsoft Access 2007 database on my computer that I have shared with certain users. My colleague can access the database but it always opens in read-only mode for her and she can't make any changes. 

I checked a few things already: -


1. She definitely has read and write access to the folder that the DB resides in and also to the DB itself. She can create, delete, modify etc. any other files in that folder.

2. There is no .ldb/.laccdb file with the same name in the folder (locking file).

3. The database is not currently open by any other user. 

4. The database is not password protected.


Please note that it opens in read/write mode on my computer EVERY TIME; it's just when my colleague accesses it from her computer that it opens read only. 


Any ideas? 



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