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Securing Air Filter

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Gerowen    1,206

So I have a 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport, and the people who owned it before me had rigged up one of those "performance" air filters with an aluminum pipe.  I replaced the air filter today because the old one had a hole gouged in it.  Well, it worked fine, except there's nothing supporting the filter except the pipe, which, over time, rotates in the collar that holds it onto the air intake until the air filter rests on a little plastic wire plug that's attached to the body, and the old one had a hold gouged in it, I'm guessing from bouncing up and down on that little connector for miles and miles.  Could somebody offer me some suggestions as to how I could go about supporting the pipe so it doesn't let the filter fall down and rub on stuff?  Here's some photos to show what I'm talking about.


Here's a top down photo of the whole thing after installing the new filter


This is looking down by what, in the first photo, would have been the back of the air filter, the side facing toward the cab.


The wiring connector that the old air filter eventually settled down on top of, and what I suspect rubbed the hole in it.

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Lizardslap    52

that air filter duct looks backwards to me those hose look like iat sensor holes and what not


I wouldn't worry to much about it


probly took like 5 years to wear that hole

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