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Multiple NPS/RRAS failover

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BillDozer357    1

Ok, so here's my scenario:


I have 2 Hyper-V servers that I will be putting into a datacenter soon, and I need to avoid single point of failure if a WAN link, switch, or server were to fail.  What I'm thinking is, 2 NICs in each physical server, with one of these NICs dedicated to the NPS/RRAS VM.  This VM will act as a router/firewall for the VMs per server, and be plugged directly to the WAN link.  Second NIC will be plugged directly into the other server, and VM replication will happen (for the non-NPS VMs) over this link.  The way I'm picturing this in my mind, a switch would not be necessary.  I'll draw this out in Visio later once I'm off work.


What I would like, is that if a WAN link were to fail, then the VMs would fail over to the other NPS/RRAS VM.  I see that Windows will let you specify multiple Default Gateways, but I've always been told you can't have more than one Default Gateway.  Would this be all I'd need to configure, or is my scenario more complicated/impossible?


I had thought about using a router with dual WAN links... but that still presents a single point of failure.  Perhaps a better way to go about this would be 2 NICs and 2 routers?


Thanks for the help!

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