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Cheapest T1 Provider for CNY?

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Xtreme2damax    42

In October I moved out to the country in a mobile home park right in the place behind my parents. By now, after nine years that they lived out here I would have thought something better in the way of internet service would have expanded out this way by now. We're now in 2014 and still can't get wireless through a wisp or 4G out here and were only a short ten or fifteen minute drive outside the city and village. Houses aren't that sparse with houses up the road, down the road and some nearby businesses. When I moved here I was led to believe I could get DSL, Verizon and Earthlink claimed my address was serviced by DSL, when checking my address on their website it showed and still shows I was eligible for DSL. It took a visit from a Verizon tech to verify I am too far away to get DSL service. So in 2014 my options are still dial-up, slow satellite with high latency or 3G, neither of which are really sufficient for online gaming or sufficient for an enjoyable experience and the latter two are plagued with low data caps.


So I was looking into a T1 connection as an option so I can stay where I am. Even though I debate in my mind why is this service so expensive in this day and age when we can get fiber with faster symmetrical speeds than a T1 connection for much cheaper. Then I remind myself that it is a business grade connection and dedicated although the latter doesn't matter so much when decent fiber connections can give advertised speeds 99% of the time.Then again it basically can go anywhere as long as you don't live on the mountains, in the desert with no civilization for miles or sometimes hundreds of miles.


Yes it's expensive but I was going over my finances and after bills are paid I am left with around $300 - $400 every month and I might take up some work to support costs or let my parents bounce off of it if they pay me some money since both me and my parents are looking for better internet out here since satellite on the best days absoulutely sucks worse than even slow 3G. I have a 3G hotspot but my ping is over 100ms to all TF2 servers I try to play on and I lag something wicked. Plus the low data caps makes it frustrating to play games online, stream audio and video.


I've decided to post in search of a low cost T1 provider with minimal setup costs. I will be going over my finances to ensure I have enough to cover costs per month, perhaps no more than $250 /mo at most for T1 service. This is literally my only option for decent internet here and I don't want to move because I like where I am located; rent is cheap, it's quiet, scenic and I am close to my parents.


Thanks to anyone that can help. :)

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