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Quick question with Sony VIO laptop multi mon

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Jonathan Lucas    22

I have a laptop that I do not have in my possession now, so no model number.

It is being used as a Karaoke machine, running software..


Main laptop display is showing the song Que,  VGA out goes to a 19inch display that shows the lyrics to the person singing...

I want to use the HDMI output on the laptop to drive 2 big screens that face the customers so the customers will see the lyrics..


My question is, will the Sony VAIO laptop output 3 displays including the main if I use the HDMI out? Will the HDMI out count as a independent display along with the VGA out?




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+jamesyfx    352

It depends on the graphics card capabilities of the laptop, but generally you can only output two at a maximum.


But yes, you can use HDMI and VGA out at the same time, but I'd probably say you'd lose your laptop display.


You can buy USB Display Adaptors to get around it if you need more than two displays.

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