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Syncing an iPod with a new libray without loosing anything

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LaP    1,720



I just had a drive failure and for a strange reason it looks like my weekly backup of my iTune folder was not done properly (probably the disc was dying and freefilesync had problem reading on it?) so i've lost my whole library. No biggie as i wanted to convert my whole library of CD to alac and my apps and songs bought on iTune are still on my iPod.


I've heard some bad stories about syncing an iPod having content on it to a new fresh and different library on a computer. Like losing all the apps on the iPod cause the library on the computer did not have them. So i'm asking for advises to be sure things will be smooth when i'm going to sync my iPod.


1. I want to delete all my CDs on my iPod cause my old iTune+ library was not organised properly (it was a total mess) and i did the job better with my new alac library. I want to replace all those with my new properly organised alac library.

2. I want to keep my songs bought on iTune on the iPod cause i don't have them on my computer and those are organised properly anyway. I want them to be copied on the computer of course for backup purpose.

3. I want the apps on the iPod to be copied on the computer for backup purpose.


So i want the syncing action to do that :


- Messed up itune+ CD library on the iPod replaced by the properly organised alac CD libray on my computer.

- iTune+ songs bought on iTune copied from the iPod to the computer.

- Apps bought on iTune copied from the iPod to the computer.


How should I proceed? Simply connect my iPod and press sync ?

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Shadrack    601

After reading your post, I think the thing you have most to worry about is your iPod app data.  Apps and music purchased directly from Apple's iTunes store can be re-downloaded at any time.  So there shouldn't be any concern there (unless you purchased something that is no longer available from the iTunes store).



Make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes on your computer. 



Apple changed iTunes now so that the App interface for iOS devices is only for management purposes (and I don't think 1-to-1 syncing is done the same way anymore).  Still, I would recommend "exporting" whatever data you can from your apps on your iPod before proceeding with a sync.  For example, an app I use for tracking events in my life called "Momento" has an "export data" feature.


Music currently on your device that was not purchased from the iTunes store may be difficult to recover, but it sounds like you are less concerned about that.


As far as apps go, if you want to be extra careful I recommend the following:

1. Authenticate iTunes with your Apple ID.

2. From iTunes on your computer, download every iOS app you are concerned about.  You can download previously purchased iOS apps from within iTunes (just search for them).

3. Connect the iOS device and sync.  You may receive some message about apps that are not on your iOS device and your iTunes library will be deleted (this shouldn't be the case since they changed it, but you might get this message).  So long as your iTunes is authenticated with the same Apple ID as your iOS device, and your iTunes library contains the same apps on your iOS device you shouldn't have any problems.


Some of the wording of the messages when you try and sync an iOS device with another computer are alarming.  So I understand the concern.

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