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If you post a comment on a news article and someone replies to your comment, the like notifications will disappear from the notifications dropdown menu. I know that this would be considered a minor bug, but it would still be nice to see it get fixed. :) Images demonstrating the bug are posted below: 








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Can you check if the main page and the forum have the same problem?

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I don't think I've ever received a notification for likes on a news article comment. Likes on the forums do though.

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      After this, several blog posts were published by other people, explaining how to use GlueBall to exploit Windows. Then in June 2020, GlueBall was once again highlighted by prominent social media accounts.

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      In a vague statement to KrebsonSecurity, Microsoft stated that:

      The handling of this incident from Microsoft's end is extremely strange, to say the least. One has to wonder why Microsoft delayed fixing a Windows security flaw for nearly two years, especially when it was present in virtually all major versions of the operating system.

      Source: Tal Be'ery (Medium) via KrebsonSecurity

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      YouTube Music bug causes playlist items to become unavailable, fix in the works
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      Some YouTube Music users are reporting on Reddit that a bug is causing songs in the playlist to become unavailable. AndroidCentral reports that they saw the issue crop up sometime last week, with more users seeing the problem now. Judging from some other tweets, it looks like the issue is affecting both Android and iOS users.

      The bug is different from another issue that also made playlists and albums unavailable, because the current problem affects not only catalog songs, but also personally uploaded music or playlists. The songs in the list appear greyed out. The publication notes that it tried out one workaround which fixed the issue – which is to set the playlists back to ‘Private’ and clear the downloaded copy of the playlist from the app. It is likely that the issue results in the songs changing to ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Public’.

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