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Hertfordshire Police duo praised for 'light-hearted' note

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FlintyV    732

Two police officers calling themselves "Cagney and Lacey" who left a drunk man a note saying they had driven him home have been praised by a senior officer.

The unnamed officers picked up the man, known only as David, as he staggered home from Watford.




Signing the note as the 1980s TV detective duo, they advised him: "Please don't get that drunk again!"



The officers' actions showed "the human side to policing", said Ch Insp David Wheatley of Hertfordshire Police.


'Highlight the danger'


They gave the man a lift home in the early hours of Sunday.



The note to David, written at 02:20 GMT on 12 January in black ink on Hertfordshire Constabulary paper, read: "We found you staggering in the road on your way home from Watford. You were so drunk we were worried you wouldn't get home in one piece!



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Nefarious Trigger    6,984

Yeah, this was news earlier this week and it was quite intriguing... I mean, they dealt with a human as humans themselves.

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