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Bus Speed/Rated FSB/DRAM Frequency Question

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68k    290

Regarding the CPU-Z screenshots below, is the current RAM actually a bottle neck on the system (not allowing it to achieve the rated/max FSB speed)?


If I were to replace the existing units with 1333/1600 MHz DDR2 RAM would there be a significant increase in overall speed (for non-HDD intensive tasks - ie. image manipulation in GIMP)?


"FSB:DRAM = 1:1" - I guessing the system has automatically lowered the Bus Speed based on the spec of the RAM.


The machine is pretty snappy at present, even with the (presumably) slow RAM.



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Riggers    150

Everything looks fine, your Bus Speed is multiplied by 4 or quad pumped which gives the FSB of 1330MHz (332.5 x4 = 1330MHz). The Core speed is Bus Speed x Multiplier so 332.5 x 8 = 2660

The RAM is running at 667MHz therefore the 332.5 MHz is correct in that it is DDR2 so you have to multiply it by 2.


(assuming 1:1)

Your bus x 4= FSB
bus x 2= DDR2 speed
bus x multi= cpu speed.


1:1 is fine and probably the most stable to be running at and if as you say it`s pretty snappy anyway, why bother, you would see pretty much no benefit from it whatsoever :)

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snaphat (Myles Landwehr)    414

The information above is correct. You have four lanes/chunks of data grabbed from memory each cycle so the effective FSB is 1330Mhz. This is the standard speed for that processor.


Your Ram is DDR2 667 and the best you could do is upgrade to DDR2 800 (assuming you can get the FSB to operate at 1600Mhz)

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