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Backblaze data shows Hitachi and Seagate as most and least reliable hard drives, respectively

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Kami-    178

Not only Seagate may be the least reliable, but it's hard to get them exchanged. WD drives do fail, especially Green drives have been a headache, but then WD will exchange them without question. Seagate, on the other hand, would require Seatools report. According to Seacrap, multi-terabyte drives can have thousands of reallocated, irrepairable sectors, and due to them - tragically bad performance, but if Seacrap says it's ok, you're SOL - like, it's working, is it not? Only true mechanical failures (calibration retries, seek errors, ) are a given.

Not from me, I went online did a warranty status check, from that clicked to order a replacement, printed the shipping label, read the packaging instructions, packaged & shipped it - received teh replacement 8 days later.


I'd call that pretty hassle-free (except the ridiculous requirements for packaging!)

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