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Elliot B.    1,132

I have 5 HDDs and will be getting a second 7870 XT, so I need to upgrade my 550W PSU.

I need at least 750W I believe.

It seems 750W PSUs start at around ?70.

I only want to pay between ?70 and ?90.

These are my options:

  • ?70 - 750W Corsair Builder Series 750CX 80PLUS Bronze (non-modular)
  • ?71 - 750W XFX Pro Core Edition 80PLUS Bronze (non-modular)
  • ?71 - 750W Corsair Builder Series CX750M 80PLUS Bronze (modular)
  • ?83 - 850W XFX Pro XXX Edition 80PLUS Bronze (modular)
  • ?84 - 750W Corsair CS750M CS 80 Plue GOLD-RATE 12V (modular)
  • ?90 - 750W be quiet! Power Zone (modular)

Which would you go for and why?


EDIT: I should have checked if these PSUs have the correct cabling for 2x video cards. I'll assume for now that they do.

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