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I can't log in to ANY region-specific websites

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moeburn    53

So this happened today:


I'm actually in Canada, yet for some reason I suddenly can't get at CTV Online.  I've never been able to use Hulu Plus, but I figured "well if my computer isn't being routed through Canada, it's probably through USA", but sure enough, no Hulu access either.  Google Music is now also saying that it is "unavailable in select territories". also claims that I am no longer in Canada.  That's three sites that say that I'm not in Canada, when I clearly am.


Yet if I go to, it correctly shows me as being in Toronto, Canada.  So what the heck is going on here?  Why do all these region-only sites suddenly think that I am in some sort of etheral internet netherworld that exists as a black hole void to all online video streaming?


To be clear, I have tried different browsers (IE and Chrome), disabling all extensions including adblocker, checking my router for any weird settings like a custom DNS (which there is none), checking my hosts file... I'm not sure what else to try.


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