Display Properties in XP not showing OEM tabs

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My ATI Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop has a S-Video output that I use to hook up a TV and watch DVD movies.

The DVD video will only show on one display device at a time either the LCD or the TV. It designates the one it plays the DVD video as Primary and one without the DVD video display as Secondary.

Of course I still see everything else displayed on both screens, but the DVD video only shows on the Primary display.

This ability to switch from the LCD as Primary to the TV is done on an ATI OEM tab in Display properties, at least it was in Win98 and Win2k.

The problem in WinXP is not some technical limitation, but just that it won't show me the extra ATI tabs in Display properties so I can make the TV the Primary display.

The ATI drivers install just fine. I'm sure if I knew an equivalent registry command I could get it to work. But I don't know how to get around this and it sucks that Microsoft isn't allowing these extra OEM tabs to appear in Display Properties.

Has anyone seen OEM tabs from NVIDIA or ATI on Display Properties in WinXP? If this is prevented, how will special functions be accessed?

I realize that XP certified drivers will probably fix this, however my chipset, Rage Mobility P, will not get XP drivers developed by either Dell or ATI. I've tried the newest drivers made for similar chipsets, Rage 128 and Mobility 128, but it will check for my chipset and prevent me from installing.

Anyone else run into this problem? I've posted on the WinXP Preview newsgroup several times and many people have this problem, but no one has any solutions yet. My only workaround is booting to Win98 to play movies.

Sorry for the long post and I appreciate all help,


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Well, I have WinXP RC1 and a Creative GeForce 3 card and I have the nVidia OEM tabs by using 14.70 Detonators.

Just thougt that you would like to know :)

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i had the same problem with my ATI all-in wonder card but come to find out it was something i fooled around with in X-setup :s

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