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Mupen64Plus-GTK Update (14.1.24)

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Gerowen    1,115
Just posted an update to my graphical Mupen64Plus launcher for Linux/Unix. You can download it at: 


Changes made in this version are:

- Added a "custom" option to the configuration process to allow users

to point to a specific .so file to use as their graphics plugin.

- Re-worded the program's description as a "launcher" instead of a "front-end" since it doesn't actually perform any of the emulation work, it just takes in information and passes that information to mupen64plus.

- Replaced all the "is" occurrences in the program's if statements with

== , just to make sure everything is to standard.

- Added an example resolution to the configuration dialog so users will

know how to enter their resolution.


Maybe if I get bored I'll work on the code a little to have it functioning on Windows, since it is Python, but when I tried it before I ran into some headaches with how Windows interpreted certain things and the fact that you had to locate and specify "all" of the plugins and the controller configuration by default in the Windows version of Mupen64Plus, so I just quit on it since it was originally just a project for myself to replace the GUI that used to come with the Ubuntu and Debian versions of Mupen64Plus.


I also uploaded some updated screenshots and such to the sourceforge page.  It's nothing too fancy, just something I wrote for myself because I was having some issues with some of the other offerings, and figured I'd share it.

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