No subwoofer output or proper surround sound

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Ever regret buying something lol?


I bought Sony STR-DH50, Tannoy 5.1 speakers and a Tannoy subwoofer.  I bought it for my PC set up.  I am using windows 8.1 and an Asus Xonar D2X sound card.   I was struggling to get it all working in Windows. The shop I bought my equipment from do call out charges for ?70($116).  I had to bite the bullet and pay for them to come out.


They guy came out and set it all up.  He did the calibration and set it up in Windows.  Everything was working as it should.  When he left I was getting subwoofer output.  When I ran a sourround sound 5.1 test mp3 all the sounds where coming out of the correct speakers.  So when I ran the test mp3 when the woman says front left I heard her say that out of only the front left speaker, when she said centre I heard her say that out of only the centre speaker, when she said rear right I heard her say that out of only the rear right speaker etc.  

Then about 10 days later I noticed the speakers were still working and in the correct order but I was getting no subwoofer output.  I was getting other problems in Windows so to rule out a Windows issue I reinstalled Windows.  


I have just ran the easy set up to recalibrate the receiver.  I did not get asked my speaker pattern when doing the calibration?  Is that because it does it automatically? When I did the calibration I heard all 5 speakers and the subwoofer.


In Windows I am still not getting any subwoofer output and now my speaker pattern is messed up. Now when I run the test mp3


Front right sound  is coming out of the front right speaker as it should


Front left sound is coming out of the front left speaker as it should


Centre sound is coming out of both the front left and right speakers.


Rear left sound is coming out of the front left speakers


Rear right sound is coming out of the front right speakers.  


Have I done the calibration wrong?  Should I have got asked my speaker pattern during the easy set up?  My speaker pattern I am using is front left and right, centre, rear left and right. 


This is my subwoofer


I have the subwoofer plugged into the line in jack marked L and one of the two subwoofer outputs on the receiver.


The crossover music dial is as far clockwise as it can be set


The level av/lfv dial is at the mid point.  


This is my Asus sound card setting.


Can anybody spot anything I have done wrong or not set right?  As I have said I have had it all working ok and as it should. 



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Sounds like your source audio is Stereo only? Have you tried something that is truly in 5.1 or greater?

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Lord Method Man

Are your speakers in Windows configured as 5.1, or Stereo? What about the receiver, did it accidently get changed to Stereo?

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The obvious thing I notice on the picture of your Asus settings is it is currently set up for a 7.1 system??
On a 5.1 system, should only be 2 rear speakers, yet it shows 4?

Try changing that audio channels setting to something lower.


EDIT - Okay, I see it is showing the 7.1 Channels because of that 7.1 Shifter setting. So never mind the above. That option is definitely not enabled, right?

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Why are you setting the crossover all the way to the right? Standard crossover for subs is 120hz, which should be a bit past the halfway mark. Also it appears based on the line in on the sub you should be using the right input for sub input no? Maybe I'm reading things wrong so take my advice with a grain of salt

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