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Kaveri based computer in Antec 300-150

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Roberticus    30



I've been planning a mini itx computer to have as htpc and as a computer to bring to lan parties. With the release of A10-7850k I was wondering if such a beast could be placed in a small case as Antec 300-150?



- AMD A10-7850k 152?

- Asrock A88X itx board 79?

- 8 GB 2400MHz 69?

- Antec 300-150 79?

I have two 320 GB 2,5" hdds from before.


Would this build work?


Thoughts on this?

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snaphat (Myles Landwehr)    414

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. The board takes 95 Watt FM2 socket processors and the case fits ITX boards. If you are running at stock speeds, cooling shouldn't be an issue. I mean Intel's higher-end processors have the same TDP and people put those in ITX cases without issue. I would say if there is overheating issues then the case is bad design.

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