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Outlook VBA Sort by Date

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I am building a code that does a search in a Outlook folder and put the body of the items together in just one item (to build a history for that case).

I am performing the search using the Find method (not sure if all correct). Once I get the search results, I'll put them in an array.

Is there a way to sort the array by date? I keep getting an error with code below:

Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim olNs As Outlook.Namespace
Dim olFldr As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Dim olItms As Outlook.Items
Dim olMail As Variant
Dim MyArray() As String

Set olApp = New Outlook.Application
Set olNs = olApp.GetNamespace(?MAPI?)
Set olFldr = olNs.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
Set olItms = olFldr.Items

Set olMail = olItms.Find("[Subject] = ""*140115LS*""")
If Not (olMail Is Nothing) Then

MyArray = olMail.Display

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