PS4 and Xbox One resolution / frame rate discussion

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2 hours ago, Audioboxer said:

Doom is as you'd expect

Surprisingly consistent in framerate on both consoles, and the quality doesn't seem to suffer on either. This is how a AAA game should be.

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On 5/13/2016 at 5:25 PM, Emn1ty said:

Surprisingly consistent in framerate on both consoles, and the quality doesn't seem to suffer on either. This is how a AAA game should be.

but it's worse on Xbox One with the scaling resolution and framerate dips. PS4 clearly showing it's power over the Xbox One should be no surprise now. Especially this far into the generation. People should quit living in denial.

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5 hours ago, wakjak said:

but it's worse on Xbox One with the scaling resolution and framerate dips. PS4 clearly showing it's power over the Xbox One should be no surprise now. Especially this far into the generation. People should quit living in denial.

And honestly I didn't notice the resolution drops (most likely because they occur in times of severe motion blur where the drop won't be as easy to pick out). The point I'm making here is that we have a game that dealt with the strengths and weaknesses of both consoles and still made something that was largely consistent across all platforms. It doesn't matter which is better or worse (by hard numbers), most people probably won't be able to tell. Of course this is a can of worms that always gets opened here, and people seem to cling to their holy numbers and ignore the actual experience.

(PS: I even watched this on a retina display and was looking for visual differences and defects and couldn't find them. Not that it matters to people who have their minds set.)

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