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Upgraded our set up

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PNWDweller    147

Yesterday, my family went down to our local Best Buy and picked up a new HDTV and upgraded our home theater.


I picked up a Samsung 46" 3D Active LED TV.




Then of course some 3D glasses (Samsung branded).


I debated on whether or not I wanted to get the Samsung Branded Home Theater in a box kit: 




Or, the Sony Home theater in a box which I did settle on based on my experience with their blu ray quality.




We ended up upgrading from a Vizio 26" LCD TV, and a JVC 5.1 surround sound receiver because it didn't have the optical inputs (And I was only running on two speakers anyway).


Since we got the TV with 3D capabilities, I wanted to take advantage of the 3D format and picked up the theater in a box set up since it had the 3D player as well as a receiver.


After hooking everything up, I must say, it has been a total upgrade visually.  Having the ability to "Convert" anything to 3D was a cool toy to play with to add depth, but not too impressed with that.  We bough the Avatar 3D blu ray (Already own the collectors Blu Ray set as well), so we could push the system to it's limits.  We were not impressed....the colors, picture quality was good as expected, but the depth of the 3D, was blurred as in the background images to a point.  It caused both my wife's and my eyes to strain when trying to focus.   We were not expecting jump out of the TV 3D but turned 3D off pretty fast.  I'm not sure though if it might have been something to do with a Sony output to a Samsung 3D mode type of thing, but I don't think it is.


Anyway, my wife and I have noticed quite a difference in better quality, the sound from the TV Alone is very impressive.  When adding the Surround sound, it does make a difference, but the Sony speakers, I must admit sound like you are listening through a tin can or like the treble is not really there. On the flip side though - the system is NOT afraid to push the bass when called upon and I know we have probably startled the neighbors down stairs from us with the rumbles of my test movies I have been playing with. :)


In any event, we are very pleased with the investment.  In spite of the sound quality which I have managed to tweak some by matching the TV volume (For the treble and stronger center speaker), and the receiver.  And of course, viewing a much larger picture is quite an impressive upgrade on our modest budget.





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jerzdawg    338

While I understand you not being happy with the htib speakers, I don't suggest you use them with the tv speakers at the same time. By doing so you will certainly "muddy" the surround sound when watching 5.1 content.

As far as the 3d, avatar was neat perfect for me (was also my first 3d at home experience). Take a look at the settings for both the tv and the player and make sure the 3d level wasn't changed, I know some players allow adjustments to be made and could make a movie look worse.

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