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Advice on how to start a career involving networking

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I've always been a computer hobbyist.  I've always kept my hobby and my career seperated, but at this point in my life my other career and job options have failed to be fruitful.  My current knowledge is pretty basic but I grab on to computer concepts pretty quickly.  I'm one of the guys who knows more about computers than anyone I know, but at the end of the day I know that I don't know anything that complicated.


I can basically do anything that can be googled with computers.  I build computers and tweak for gaming etc.  I've always been good at troubleshooting.  I've used all versions of windows and quite a few versions of linux.  I've used command lines when I've needed them.


What I don't know is any actual skills that land you a job.  I don't know any networking beyond setting up and using a home router.


If I have no experience and no degree, what certifications will actually get me a job.  Is there any certs that are pretty much gaurunteed to get you a job?  Are these certs possible to be learned from just sitting at home without any hardware and just studying off the computer, or is it nearly impossible without learning off of a networking rack ? 

I'm hoping someone has been where I'm at and made some magic happen with hard work and dedication.  I fear most people have atleast bachelors degree with multiple certs and a buddy in the business to get him an interview.


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