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Woman breastfeeds puppy

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ozgeek    157

Puppies will eat solid food almost from the day they're born if that's the only option available.  I've raised puppies and been around dogs all my life, and often times removed the mother from the puppies for a few hours because breastfeeding will drain an adult female in no time.  If you don't consistently give her high protein high calorie food, and sometimes even if you do, a mother with 4 or 5 pups breastfeeding all day can even make their hair fall out and make them get real skinny.  So starting from birth, about once a day, I take the mother away from her puppies for about an hour and give her a bowl of food with some milk and a raw chicken egg mixed in, a fresh bowl of water, and give the puppies some soft puppy food with cow's milk and a raw egg mixed in.  If that's what's available, they'll eat it before their eyes are even open.  No need to get weird on us lady, lol.  Then again, maybe I'm just being closed minded.


Problem is Nature is much smarter.  I'm sure nature already have thought about overfeeding and put in mechanisms into the mother to protect her anyway so what you had been doing was redundant. Just make sure the mother have food presented to her and let her decide when to eat.


Shredding hair is a very normal and natural behaviour of all dogs. It's their way of our way of shedding old skin. Mothers will shed more because their bodies are under natural stress from feeding the babies just such a human body is.

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+The Evil Overlord    17,779

Just out of curiosity... How is the puppy now?

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