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1-in-5 devs working on PS4 - GDC survey

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Andrew    2,731
More developers working on PS4 product than any other console

Tuesday, 18th February 2014 16:03 GMT By Phil Owen


Games Industry has posted the results of a poll of more than 2500 attendees at last year?s GDC which says that more of these developers (20 percent) are working on game products for the PlayStation 4 than any other currently supported console.




The poll said 17 percent were working on Xbox One games, 14 percent for PS3, 12 percent for Xbox 360 and just 4 percent for Wii U. Around half stated their work is heading to the PC, with about the same response for mobile devices.


The percentages account for multiplatform releases, as thee questions in the poll referred to any platform the developer?s next game would be released on.


1-in-5 devs working on PS4 - GDC survey 360x200


Tue 18 Feb 2014 2:03pm GMT / 9:03am EST / 6:03am PST


Resurgence of consoles, growth of crowdfunding among most notable findings; organizer talks advocacy track


The enthusiasm surrounding the new console launches isn't limited to consumers. According to the latest annual survey from the organizers of the Game Developers Conference, game creators are welcoming the new hardware as well.


A poll of more than 2,600 developers who attended last year's GDC found that 20 percent of them will release their next game on the PlayStation 4, with 17 percent planning their current projects for the Xbox One.


"I think the concept that the consoles are spiraling out of existence is kind of premature based on that," GDC head Simon Carless said of the finding to GamesIndustry International.


Console gamers who haven't jumped to the new systems yet can still expect some support going forward, as developer support for the PS3 and Xbox 360 held fairly steady year-over-year. Some 14 percent of developers are working on the PS3 (up from 13.2 percent last year), while 12 percent are targeting the Xbox 360 for their next project (down from nearly 14 percent the year prior).


The outlook was not as bright for the Wii U. Only 4 percent of developers said they were planning their next game for Nintendo's console, down from 6.4 percent last year.


For all the focus on consoles, computers and mobile are still the most popular development platforms across the industry. 51 percent of developers said they expected their next game to see release on smartphones or tablets, while 52 percent said their next project would be made for the PC or Mac.


The survey also polled developers on a number of industry trends, including crowdfunding. This year, 11 percent of respondents said they were using crowdfunding for their current projects, up from 8 percent last year.


Beyond the survey, Carless also talked about another of the GDC initiatives this year, an expanded advocacy track of sessions devoted to equality from a variety of topics, including accessibility for disabled gamers, diversity in game development, dealing with depression, and a variety of other social issues. While raising some of those topics can create backlash in online discussions, Carless said that hasn't been a problem in putting together the advocacy track.


"There are definitely some people who come to GDC who don't have the most progressive attitudes, as there are at any show," Carless said. "But my biggest issue is that sometimes I feel the people who should care about the accessibility talks the most don't protest them; they just don't come to them."


To encourage attendance at this year's advocacy track panels, organizers have opened the sessions up to GDC badge holders of all types.

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+Audioboxer    2,874

This is definitely boosted by the focus on indie developers and smaller teams. No downside to that really, I'd rather see the store full of "smaller" titles alongside the bigger titles. Not every game you play needs to be one of a massive budget/size.


The argument of the store being overloaded by crap/shovelware is something Sony can sort themselves by good sorting/presentation, I do not see it as a valid argument to discredit the importance of indie.

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trooper11    1,096

That's great to see, high developer support is essential for any next gen console to survive. 


20% for the ps4 and 17% for the X1 is great news imo.  I agree with Audioboxer that the new focus on indie development has had a positive effect on the development community being excited about the new consoles. 


There is a lot of potential with this gen of consoles.

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ZeroHour    69

I wonder how much the numbers will change when the microsoft dev program starts for indie's, or well gets fully underway.

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Max Norris    2,072

52% for PC, I'll take those odds.

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