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Game streaming service OnLive returns with CloudLift

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After 18 months of silence game streaming service OnLive returns with CloudLift



The new OnLive logo.


Video game streaming service OnLive is back with a new business model and a new approach.

After 18 months of silence following a shake-up at the US company, OnLive today launches an open beta for CloudLift, its new cloud gaming companion service.

OnLive no longer sells games purchasers can only stream through OnLive. Now, CloudLift lets people stream the games they already own through any device with a browser - with access to cloud saving intact.

For this, OnLive charges a ?9.99 a month subscription. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time.

OnLive general manager Bruce Grove recently gave Eurogamer a demo of the new service. The idea is that you'll play a game as normal on your home PC, perhaps, that you might have bought and downloaded from Steam, then, when out and about, you can pick up where you left off by streaming the game from another device.

Maybe your work PC isn't powerful enough to play the game you've been playing at home, and you fancy some lunchtime gaming, or maybe your lightweight laptop is all that's available to you while travelling. CloudLift syncs with cloud saves, so you can pick up from where you left off at home, then, when you're done streaming the game, the save will sync again and you can carry on when you get back home. Multiplayer gaming is supported and all downloadable content is available.

Another use for CloudLift is being able to play a game via OnLive while it's downloading and installing on your gaming rig. Think of it as Dropbox for PC game saves, Grove said. OnLive's version of the game is identical to the version users own (with achievements and more intact in the case of Steam), and is running on servers based on mid to high spec machines at its data centres. The service targets 720p resolution running at 60fps.


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