How big is your .... OneDrive ?

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248gb here: 25gb for being a loyal user, 3gb for camera backup, 20gb for being an enthusiast, 100gb for being the first 100,000 to log in one the OneDrive Launch, and 100gb from Bing Rewards.

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100 Bing

100 OneDrive Bonus

200 Surface

25 Early Adopter

3 Camera Roll

20 Office 365

20 Windows Phone Enthusiast Bonus

20 Another Enthusiast Bonus


Total 488 GB


Hopefully I will get a Ballmer Bonus soon too.

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248GB for free and I use about 5 ha ha.


Same here!


As most of it was from codes what would happen if I did use it all and then the codes expire? Would they just delete it?

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148 gb total however since they removed the separate client from Windows 8.1 I hardly use it. I prefer Dropbox for syncing smaller files (I only have 9 gb there).

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are we allowed to post the link for the referral bonus?



Not sure what is 'allowed' to be put on it, and don't want to lose my email.




you can store whatever you want on it, except for anything that would be considered illegal under the TOS.


The public folder can't contain any porno, I've received a notice in the past saying that if I didn't delete some booby pictures that my account would be disabled. lol

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