'Flappy Bird' creator says he's considering bringing his game back

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If person who will have 1 million score from this game, then world record guinness would send person gets award someday. :p

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Don't see what the big fuss is, these games are fun for like 2mins pretty much instant delete material. :S

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He just wants the money.


If he wants the money, then why he removed the game from the store?


He couldn't handle it... that's the reason he removed it from the store.


If he wants money, he should leave the game alone at the store so people can dl it.


If I was him, I can keep it in the store unless some legal issue(s) arise then I can remove or let people know about the issue(s). I can update the app for better so the issues will be solved.

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He just wants the money.


He is still making money because the game is still being played, albeit probably a lot less now because of the clones.

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Good for him. I'm not sure why some of you are railing against him. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Hell, if any of us could make the kind of money he was supposedly making, 99.9% of us would jump at the chance.

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If you don't like it, don't buy it.

Have you got the game mixed up with one of its many clones perhaps? This one was never for sale.


Hell, if any of us could make the kind of money he was supposedly making, 99.9% of us would jump at the chance.

Definitely, I would. I'd also not pull the game spouting some BS reason like I got stressed from getting rich (even though the money kept rolling in), or that I want to "save" people because the game is so addictive (supposedly, can't understand that either).

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Probably got around to looking at his bank deposit statement from last month.

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