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With the Xbox 360 going with almost a 12 year cycle and still pumping out games, I can see the new gen going 12-15 years.

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Would hardly say the 360 or PS3 will have a 12 year cycle...they will be gone by end of 2015 from store shelves effectively, so that's 9-10 years. Sure, games will continue to come out for a few more years, but that's inertia and not really viable commercial activity. Even tech support will cease in 2016, pretty sure, as MS and Sony only committed to 10 years - and verbally at that, not actually. Note the 10 year thing is not as prominent this time, only mention of it i can think of is MS saying you can leave X1 on for ten years with no problems, but that's an academic aside, hardly a promise or endorsement of support. Cycles will get shorter and shorter as we head into that Matrix-like future where local hardware isn't as vital, or needs to change really quick. Expecting 15 years from X1/PS4 is not realistic.

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