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Customizing the Look and Feel of MacBook Pro

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nitins60    34



This is first time I am using MacBook Pro and so far I liked it.

The one thing it makes me to use, is the Screen Display.


I am hardcore fan of MS and I still feel Windows is much better and powerful than Mac OS.

Since my company has given this to me for office work, I am using it :P


Anyways, I am pretty new to Mac world.

So anyone can give me tips/suggestions to make dis Mac looks more cool and awesome!!


I always love to customize the things. So I rarely used default themes in Windows irrespective of how cool they are :)


So I am waiting for you guys to guide me to love dis Mac more with better looks/themes or anything u want to call it

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Auditor    121

I am using Maverick as Hackintosh and I find it really awesome to work on. The display of font is very nice and it very easy to work with.

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allan.nyholm    31

There are a couple of things to do with regards to themes and icons on Mavericks.


First there's LiteIcon by FreeMacSoft


You'll need to either download ICO files(Windows icons) or ICNS files(Mac) for LiteIcon to take hold of them.

If you download from The Iconfactory then click the Apple symbol when you download a given set. That'll give you Mac icons to work with.


The other thing is themes - there's the free themes available on DeviantART like the GrainOSX theme.


Or there's Flavours - (costs ~$20 but free to try for a few days) the themes are free so don't be alarmed by the store naming.

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Cnónna    625

install windows on it in place of the mac OS


not to many i'd bet in your firm will have a mac like it :punk:

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