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WP Update 8.1: Features/Apps/Fixes You Want The Most! (WP 8.1 MegaThread)


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theyarecomingforyou    9,488

It boils down to costs... The more platforms you have to target the more developers you have to hire and developers cost a fair bit of money.

Exactly. That's why iOS tends to get priority, as there are far fewer handsets and a large number of users. Android usually follows because of the huge number of handsets out there and the wide variety of OS versions. More people use Android but it's harder to support. WP is simply a low priority because of its market share.


I remember when I first bought an Android phone it had relatively poor software support, as the iPhone dominated the market - now it's incredibly strong. Unfortunately WP's market share isn't growing at anywhere close to the rate that Android did, so the situation remains decidedly more mixed. It's not seen as an up and coming platform, it's seen as a niche player.

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vbeekjan    0

Let's be honest, the design setup of WP is good and clear. BUT ... it is also clear that it is never finished. So many bugs still there and never solved. The Calendar is a mess and messes up all your appointments when you change to another timezone. It even spreads your events to two days ! And the option "list todo items in calender" does not work at all. The music player once started cannot be stopped, only paused, and will show up everytime you unlock the phone. PDF attachments and docs cannot be save to your phone only to Skydrive, and there is no way to copy them to your phone. The phone cannot be switched off during charging giving NSA and Microsoft ample time to investigate where you are and have done, and how they got a green label for this behaviour is a mystery for me. I shall not go on too long this way. But the worst thing is there is no support available to report these things which could easily be fixed with updates, like on my computer. So these annoying bugs will be forever on WP's and never solved. So I wonder if these kind of bugs which prevent professional usage will be solved in W8.1 and if Microsoft will treat their customers more serious by providing a kind of support. Now I am fed up with this device with all kind of nice gadgets but with a rusty not-finished OS which is more a downgrade from my reliable Symbian phone than an upgrade in many subjects. OK a long introduction to say: my Lumia920 is for sale.

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TPreston    5,389





Go back in time and add SSTP VPN support to WP7.5 because it should have been there from the start!

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