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USB flash drive File system damaged

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Digitalfox    64

Hi Neowin :)



My girlfriend last night gave me one of her flash drive's presenting errors when opening some files, like pdf's, doc's, etc...



When opening certain folders or files, Windows 8.1 said they were unreadable or corrupted.



I run CMD chkdsk /f to see if it fixed and avoid data loss.



After a couple of hours the command finished and from the 8GB flash +/- 4 GB were recovered.


While no more errors were present when moving all the files and folders to my notebook, some files don't open.



I was wondering what tools do you recommend to try to recover atleast some more files :/



Help me here, my happy sexual life depends on it :laugh:



PS: No other tools were used, no formatting or File system (by the way it's using FAT32) changes were made, besides moving the files to my notebook.



Thank you guys :)

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+goretsky    669


I have had good results using Runtime Software's GetDataBack line of data recovery programs, as well as DataRescue's PhotoRescue (which is not just for pictures). Both are commercial programs.

I have heard good things about CGSecurity's TestDisk/PhotoRec program, which is open source, but not used it myself.


Aryeh Goretsky

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