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Sunday Chat: Man Sues Dating Site After

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Turk.    268

March 19, 2014 2:17AM
A SELF-proclaimed online dating novice has slapped online dating website OkCupid with a lawsuit after a man he met on the singles site swindled him out of around $80,000.

New Yorker and hopeless romantic Michael Z Picciano blames OkCupid and its parent company IAC for failing to conduct ?even minimal screening of its subscribers and therefore deceptively creating the impression that their dating service was safe?when in fact?(it) was a trap for the unwary,? The New York Post reports he says in his Manhattan civil suit.


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leesmithg    226

The mans an idiot.


The man could had be scammed if someone turned up on his doorstep and offered him an investment.


You need to sue the man that scammed you not the website.

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Dotdot    322

I find it incredible someone this gullible had $80,000 to hand out in the 1st place.

Unless most of it is in financed nonsense, which im assuming you could have stopped, then of course handed any information to police and fraud investigators.

Mind you unless it`s a no win, no fee lawyer he`s got then that should cost him a bit in court proceeding`s etc.

Either way, bit of a ######. Tho ofc he`s probably of the mind the incurred cost`s won`t out weigh the settlement that he`s soooooooo.. winning.

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