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Server 2012 R2 - Restore files from client computer backup

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At home i'm using Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials as a replacement for Home Server 2011. I have the server set to backup everything on each of the various computers / laptops in the house, which it does fine.
However i think i have discovered a flaw in actually restoring backups made by Server 2012. From reading on Technet apparently "You cannot restore files and folders to a client computer by using the Dashboard on the server. You must open the Dashboard on a client computer to complete the task.


Which appears to be pretty much accurate from what i can tell:




In the screenshot below this PC has failed and had the motherboard replaced, i have not lost any data as its all still on the existing hard drives, and i also have a manual backup made to a usb hard drive connected to that PC. However for arguments sake, what happens if i had needed to restore from this backup?


Am right in thinking I have all these backups on the server i cant do anything with? given the backups can only be restored from the client PC.
Sure if just the hard drive failed I can restore the system image and be on my way. However for example if the motherboard failed, or the PC was stolen, then the new machine the backup is restored on is not going to boot the Windows install. Making it rather time consuming to restore the backup, then connect the new hard drive to another PC to extract some files.

Can I not just explore these backups some how and extract the files I want?

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Edit - Never mind i misread the error message.


I can do what i want by using the server dashboard as a remote app from any client computer. Strange you cant do it when connected to the server via remote desktop like i was trying to.

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