Looking for a media player (roku, wdtv live, etc..) that does the following


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I'm just going to throw this out there.


Sony BDP-S3100






I don't know why it's so expensive on Amazon. it can be had for about $80 atWalmart. Apparently the price REALLY went up. It's about $150 even at walmart. Crazy.  BDP-S1100 Can be found at walmart for $60 it's a wired on only option no Wifi.. The I got this for my parents. They LOVE it.



NTFS Support


USB / USB hard drive support

MKV support as was as every format i've thrown at it

Netflix support

Amazon Instant VIdeo support

Resume support

No streaming of MKV's over the network.


As far as the 20GB MKV support playing without issue, I cannot vouch for that. this is something you'll have to research. Through you could always buy one at walmart, try it out and if it doesn't work just return it.

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