OneNote 15.0.2

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+Frank B.

What's new in Version 15.0.2:


Fixes a bug that caused a crash on launch, affecting a limited number of users.


Download: via Mac App Store

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    • By Abhay V
      Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev versions now let users send Collections to OneNote
      by Abhay Venkatesh

      Back during this year’s Build conference in May, Microsoft announced a bunch of features that will be making it to the Edge browser. The features included the addition of a sidebar search to the browser to allow for quick context searches and enhancements to the Collections feature in the form of Pinterest integration. For those not in the know, Collections let users copy images, text, and links from the web and store then in groups.

      Another feature planned for Collections was the ability to send the list of items in a Collection to OneNote. Now, that feature is live for Insiders running the Canary and Dev versions of the browser (spotted by Techdows). It is not clear if the update was a server-side push, but users running the latest insider versions of the browsers should see the addition of the feature. It is currently not available for Edge Beta users.

      As for the feature itself, it is a minor one that adds a ‘Send to OneNote’ option in the ellipsis (…) menu of a Collection item, along with the current options to send to Word and Excel. Clicking on the option will open a pop up with the available locations (or notebooks) where the list can be exported to. Users can select from the list of sections in their notebook to which they wish to export the list to.

      It should not be long before the ‘Send to OneNote’ feature integration makes it to Edge Beta, and eventually to the stable version of the browser.

    • By Abhay V
      OneNote 2016 starts being offered automatically with Office 365 installs
      by Abhay Venkatesh

      OneNote 2016 has had a bit of a bumpy ride in the last few years. Microsoft dropped the desktop version of the note-taking app from the Office 2019 suite of apps, in turn recommending the UWP version. The decision to no longer develop features for the desktop version, however, was reversed as the app started receiving features late last year. The resurrection of OneNote 2016 also meant that the app would be offered by default with Office 365 and Office 2019 installs starting March 2020.

      As promised, it looks like OneNote 2016 is now beginning to be automatically installed when users install Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) apps. As per Dr. Windows (via WinFuture), a re-install of the Office apps earlier in the month did not still install OneNote by default, likely suggesting that the rollout was staggered or delayed. However, an install yesterday automatically included OneNote.

      Interestingly, the nomenclature for the desktop version seems to have ditched the year branding, as the app is now called ‘OneNote’. The naming is in line with other Office 365 apps. This also could be why the UWP version of OneNote was recently officially renamed to ‘OneNote for Windows 10’.

      Microsoft unified the codebase for the OneNote desktop and UWP apps to update both the apps in parallel and align development. While the UWP version is set to be supported for the foreseeable future, it will be interesting to see what the company’s plan would be for that version. The firm extended mainstream support for OneNote 2016 (now called OneNote) till October 23, 2020, with extended support ending on October 14, 2025. These dates align with Office 2019 support timelines.

    • By Abhay V
      OneNote for Android updated with dark mode support and other improvements
      by Abhay Venkatesh

      OneNote for Android is receiving an update that is bringing with it a few new features, the most notable of those being dark mode. The addition of this feature follows that of OneDrive for Android, which also began receiving dark mode early this week. While some users running the beta version of the Android app received the ability to enable dark mode back in July 2019, the feature never made it to all users until now.

      Microsoft has detailed the other features (spotted by Thurrott) that are making it to the app as part of this update. The dark mode feature is a welcome addition for those that use the app in dimly lit environments and those that prefer this theme. Apart from this addition, the app is also improving inking experience, brining bright new colors to the palette.

      In addition to the aesthetic improvements, the app is receiving the ability to re-order the sections in the app. Users can tap and hold a section and place it in any desired order to better organize their sections and pages. Within the sections, a nifty addition is that users can now drag their finger down the page to sync their sections.

      The Redmond giant also adds that it has improved copy/paste, undo/redo functionalities and has it made it easier to move objects accurately, based on user feedback. The update should be rolling out to all Android users gradually, so even if you are not seeing the update yet, it should show up in a couple of days.

      You can download the OneNote app from the Google Play Store here.

    • By Rich Woods
      Latest OneDrive roadmap update lets you migrate local OneNote notebooks using KFM
      by Rich Woods

      Today, Microsoft published its monthly OneDrive roadmap roundup for the month of January 2020. As usual, there are a whole bunch of new features listed for the cloud storage service.

      First of all, you'll be able to migrate a local OneNote notebook to OneDrive using Known Folder Move, also known as KFM. That way, even if your local notebook is in a folder like Documents, you'll be able to access it from any of your PCs.

      There are a couple of new features that are exclusive to macOS. For one thing, OneDrive for macOS now supports conditional access for things like multi-factor authentication, location-based IP filtering, and Intune-managed device compliance. If you don't meet the conditional access requirements, you won't be able to sync your files. This feature is coming soon, and is currently in preview.

      Single sign-on is another one that's coming soon and currently available in public preview on macOS. If you're signed into any Office app on macOS, you'll see your account on a dropdown when signing into OneDrive, rather than having to type your credentials again.

      Microsoft says that it's standardized email notification templates for shared content notifications, as we start to get into the more minor features on the roadmap roundup.

      In Outlook, you can reply to Office comments using actionable messages. This is meant to let you save time by using @-mentions and such. Finally, Microsoft is adding an option for "People with Existing Access" when sharing a link, adding to "Anyone", "People in my organization", and "Specific People".

    • By indospot
      Graphing mode is coming to the Windows 10 Calculator app this summer
      by João Carrasqueira

      Last year, shortly after it announced that the Calculator app in Windows 10 was going open-source, Microsoft started working on a new graphing mode for the app. It's been almost a year since then, but it looks like the feature is making its way to users sooner rather than later.

      As part of its BETT announcements today, Microsoft has said that the Calculator app will be able to graph equations before this year's back-to-school season, giving students a new way to visualize equations on their computers. The feature seems to offer plenty of insight into how equations work, and though it's bound to be useful for learning, educators can disable the app on school machines during assessments, for example.

      Right now, Windows Insiders in the Fast ring can already test the feature in the latest version of the Calculator app, and it should make its way to more rings before it hits general availability.

      Microsoft made plenty of other announcements at BETT, including the addition of equation tools to OneNote in Windows 10, which let users create a wide range of equations with the necessary symbols. What's more, the Math Assistant in OneNote is coming to the iPad version of the app, with the ability to solve equations and see step-by-step solutions. In the future, it will also be able to graph equations. Finally, students in schools will be able to connect OneNote to a Microsoft Translator captions session, receiving the captions and translations directly into OneNote with the ability to take notes at the same time.

      There's even more addition for OneNote Class Notebooks -the ability to bulk delete a distributed page for every student. In OneNote for the web, you'll soon be able to save a copy of an entire notebook, starting with users inside the same Office 365 organization. Educators can also now distribute pages from a non-education notebook to students in a class.

      There are other features for Microsoft's range of products for education, including improvements to Whiteboard and much more. You can find all the news from BETT in Microsoft's Education Blog.